How to recharge your creative mind.


My five tips on how to recharge your creative mind.

Having a creative job can be rewarding and fun, but what happens when you get in a slump?  I have compiled a list of my 5 best tips on how to recharge your creative mind.

1.  Step out of your comfort zone and go to new places

When you work from home it is hard sometimes to take off the sweat pants and comfy hoody and brave going outside.  I noticed a posting from Two of Hearts Boutique on 4th Avenue about an event they were having at one of their stores.  I figured it was time I pulled out my umbrella and braved the weather to get out of my slump.  I called my best friend Paper Nic and off we went on a cold November night.  The evening was a huge success, a book signing, wardrobe helping and my favorite wine sipping kind of night.  I had so much fun getting out of my house and having a change of scenery.  I arrived home feeling recharged and my creative juices were flowing.


2. Meet new people

I find it very easy to meet new people and strike up conversations so this one I don’t find very hard.  I had the pleasure of meeting Tina O’Connor from Be That Books Publishing at the Two of Hearts Boutique event.  She was in town from Calgary promoting her books Be That Girl and Be That Mom.  She gave an inspiring talk on how to “Be That Girl” complete with a demonstration on how to walk the walk.  I learned that there is great power in visualizing what you want and projecting to the world the person you wish to be.  I made sure to purchase the book Be That Mom and made a donation to the charity Blessings in a Backpack that she was promoting.  It is always refreshing to get a new perspective from someone new to help recharge your energy.


3. Relax and recharge

Nothing says relax and recharge better than a morning at the Calixica Spa.  When you decide to do something out of the box one day it can sometimes have a snowball effect.  This is exactly what happened to me.  The night out at Two of Hearts Boutique gave windfall to Paper Nic as her name was called for the grand door prize. The door prize was a 3 hour spa treatment with Tina O’Connor of  Be That Books Publishing at Calixica Spa on Robson Street.  I was so happy for her win, but I wont lie a little sad I would not be joining them.  Remembering what I had learned  from Tina, if you visualize it, it will happen.  I closed my eyes and wished and wished.  Well it worked, someone backed out last minute and I was available to take their place at the Spa.  I was pampered and well taken care of at Calixica Spa. They specialize in homeopathic treatments in their newly renovated location on Robson Street. We enjoyed our relaxing pampering , good conversation and tasty treats for three whole hours.  It was such a fun morning spending time with new and old friends.  I left with a healthy post facial glow and  recharged positive energy.


4. Read a good book

I have always found it hard to get into a good book.  Most of the books on my shelf are programing books so not the kind that will spark up any creativity.  I did however find a great book this week that I am having a hard time putting down.  The book is Be That Mom, by Tina O’Connor.  I have two small children and love them dearly, but with a busy life I do find myself pressed for time.  Tina’s book Be that Mom is packed with great advice on being a better mom and I am really enjoying my cup of hot tea and the break I take to read it.


5. Organize your clutter

Our house flooded this past August and created a ripple in my  organized life.  I work from home so you can imagine the disruption this was to my creative process.  I have found the silver lining in our “crappy” situation, the flood came from a sewer backup no pun intended. I am rebuilding my new space with organization and d-cluttering in mind.  I am discarding from my office the unnecessary items and making it a creative haven.  Tina O’Connor of Be that Books has some great suggestions on getting organized in her book Be That Mom that can also help.  Now my new clutter free organized office helps me write creative blog posts like this one on how to recharge your creative mind.

I know life can sometimes take over and we lose our way and our creative juices fade.  I hope this post on how to recharge your creative mind will help you find your magic, and you too will be recharged and the creativity will flow again.

Caroline Calvert

How to recharge your creative mind

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