How to write SEO optimized blog posts

How to write SEO optimized blog posts

So you have written an amazing blog, you sit back and wait for all the comments and nothing. How can you make sure your amazing blog reaches potential readers and clients. There is a way to learn How to write SEO optimize blog posts for your website so that they are reaching more people.

The first step is finding the right key phrase that your want to write your SEO optimized blog post for. Using the Goggle Adwords tool is a great place to start when searching for your keyword phrase.

Using your Titles and Tags

Automatically WordPress uses your title as an H1 tag, this is good as H1 tags rank higher. When choosing the title for your blog post always pull from your keywords list.


Permalinks should be set up so that the moment you create your blog your permalink automatically matches your title. If your permalink is not matching your title you can edit it to make it match.

H2 and H3 Tags

Don’t forget about these tags also known as heading 2 and heading 3. You can find them in the drop down menu on the far left hand side of your toolbar. If you don’t see this option you need to expand your tool bar by hitting the hide show kitchen sink icon kitchen-sink found on the top right hand side of or press (alt + shift + z)

Correct use of the Heading 2 tag: Type in the same keyword phrase you have in your title and permalinks. The text will become bigger and bold. You can change the h2 tag so it still contains your keywords but is not exactly the same as your title. For example my title is

How to write SEO optimized blog posts.

my H2 heading is

How to write SEO optimized blog posts for your website.

Now for the heading 3 tag, use this tag at least once in your blog post. Use it as a subheading but still use your keywords. Here is an example of how i have added in the H3 tag to this post.

How to write SEO optimized blog posts in 5 easy steps:

  • Use H1 tags
  • Use permalinks
  • Use H2 and H3 heading tags
  • First Paragraph keyword phrase
  • Last Paragraph keyword phrase
  • Upload optimized images

First Paragraph

It is good practice to have your keyword phrase somewhere in your first paragraph, but lets face it we are writing for our readers not the SEO gods. Make sure that it makes sense and looks good when you add it in. Bold and underline this key phrase search engines put more emphases on these. Watch out for keyword stuffing double check to make sure that your paragraph looks good.

Add Anchor Text

Create a link with text that leads back to the post How to write SEO optimized blog posts

Upload only optimized images

This is very important, always rename your images if they are not already to match the title of your post. If you have more than one image you can still do this by adding a number or word after the title to make them different. When adding in the image to WordPress make sure to name your images alt text and caption to match your title.

Last Paragraph

Last but not least, listen up this is very important for learning how to write SEO optimized blog posts. Did you catch what i just did? Yes I added in they keyword phrase one more time. Again make sure that it reads well, it is not hard to reuse your keywords and make it look good.

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