Making your project a success.

I aim to provide high quality WordPress web design services that exceed client expectations.


Getting to know you and your business

I need to hear from you what it is you do, and who you do it for.  I collect all your information so I know who I am building your site for.  I will create a detailed timeline and a contract of your project. I have created a sample client so you can view the various stages of design and developed to gain a better idea of how i work.


Planning your website and its content structure

After we collect all your information we strategically create a plan for you website design with your customer in mind.  Providing you with detailed site maps and content structure so you have a clear idea of your site before we begin your build.


Choosing fonts, colours and typography.

We have the sturcture, now lets make it look pretty.  This is what I do best.  I take all of your amazing content and choose the best colours, fonts and type to make it stand out from the rest.


Building your site in WordPress.

Its time to get coding.  I use premium WordPress themes to build your website.  I now take all of your content and my planning and put it together on the web.


Making your site look great on all devices.

When I am building your site I am constantly testing it on all devices so I know it will look great no matter how it is opened.  From large computer screens to the smallest of phones your site will be readable and easy to navigate for all your customers and viewers.


Putting you in the drivers seat to your site.

This is the best part about CMS WordPress design.  You have the power to make changes to your site once it is built.  I give you the tools to make that happen.  With a one hour training session I will teach you how to use your new WordPress website.


Making sure it is all working.

I wont launch a site without extensive testing.  Your site is your storefront, I want to make sure it looks and functions at its best.  I will run tests on all functionality of the site and make sure it works on all devices.


Showing the world your website.

That’s right, we are ready for launch.  After all our hard work together your site is ready for its big debut.  I remove your splash page and we anounce to the world your site is ready for business.


Wait we are not finished yet, lets make sure it is all working.

After the site has been launched for a few weeks I like to have a meeting to see how the site is functioning with real visitors.  I am sure you may have had some great feedback too and I would love to hear it.